Bike Repair Services

Basic Tune | $75

Single speeds - $60

Electric bikes or cargo bikes - $125*


  • Complete safety check, including torquing all nuts and bolts and checking wear items
  • Adjusting both brakes 
  • Adjusting all shifting systems 
  • Lubricating drivetrain and cables 
  • Airing up tires to recommended pressure 

*Labor to replace/install parts is not included 

Standard Tune | $135

Single speeds - $100

Electric bikes or cargo bikes - $185*

Includes everything in a basic tune, plus:

  • Basic cleaning of frame and components
  • Truing and tensioning of both wheels 
  • Adjusting hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings 
  • Includes all labor to replace/install parts like brake pads, chains, cables, tires, handlebar tape, etc.

Comprehensive Tune | $245

Single speeds - $195

Electric bikes or cargo bikes - pricing varies*

Includes everything in a standard tune, plus:

  • Complete bicycle disassembly and reassembly, including removing and deep cleaning all drivetrain components and thorough frame cleaning
  • Overhauling hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings
  • Brake bleeding and firmware updates when applicable 

Kids Tune | $65

Includes everything from a standard tune, but for kids bikes!

* Tune-ups on electric bikes include servicing non-electric components on class 1, 2, or 3 bikes only. We do not service motors, batteries, throttles, speed/cadence sensors or other electronic parts. We do not service e-bike conversions or e-bikes that have been modified.

Don't need a tune up?

We can also address individual issues with particular parts of the bike at a la carte rates. Please do not hesitate to call us at (718) 858-2972 or email us at for more information.