Bike Mechanic Training Program | Bike Path

Program Description: 
Bike Path provides formerly incarcerated and justice-involved New Yorkers with the skills they need to become bike mechanics through a four-week, 50-hour training program at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Upon completing the program, all graduates are guaranteed an interview with Motivate for bike mechanic positions to maintain the Citi-Bike fleets across NYC. Within the curriculum students learn how to maintain electric Citi Bikes, as well as standard ones. Benefits at Motivate include $25.25/hr, paid weekly; this position offers full-time seasonal employment from March-November.
How to Apply: 
We are no longer accepting referrals for 2024. For general questions, feel free to contact 

General Requirements:

  • Formerly incarcerated, convicted of a criminal charge, or formerly justice-system involved
  • 18+ Years old
  • Prepared documents for I-9: Ex. Social Security Card & State ID. Physical copies required
  • Prepared Resume
  • Ability to work full time, 5 days a week immediately after the 4 week training program
  • Access/use of laptop/phone in order to communicate with program training staff, job application, and future employer
  • Know how to ride a bike